At the tender age of 38 I have rediscovered the aluring, captivating power of My Little Pony. Not the new ones, but the vintage years, or G1s. The one’s I played with and loved as a girl. Not so long ago those old pony voices called to me. They begged me to come back and play with them and I couldn’t resist. They really have a special magic and once you wander into their pony realm you become forever lost.

It just so happpened I was about six months off a year of weekly blogging and I sort of missed it, so it only seemed logical to  share my love of MLP with the world through blogging.

The plan is to dedicate this blog to all things My Little Pony. As this blog grows I hope for readers to meet my own ponies, enjoy my pony photos, learn tricks about the art of pony collection and rehabilitation, share my quest to reclaim some of my inner child, and enjoy the fantasy that is My Little Pony…..G1.


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